Physical Therapy

  • We offer comprehensive physical therapy intervention to address patients who possess a variety of orthopaedic and neurologic concerns. Each patient is evaluated by a licensed, registered physical therapist. A treatment plan is created based upon the findings of that evaluation, and the functional demands of their job, and implemented by our professional staff.
  • This treatment plan could include: conditioning exercises, range of motion/strengthening exercises, instruction in a home exercise program, postural training, body mechanics training, and work hardening. Re-assessments are performed providing feedback to the referring physician. Additionally, all such information is communicated to all interested parties involved in each case. This includes the employer, the insurance company, and any attorneys if litigation is involved.
  • The treatment plan is constantly modified in response to the patient's progress with the goal being to allow the patient to return to the pre-morbid level of functional capacity. From the beginning of treatment, performing activities that are functionally based and mimic actual central job tasks are an integral part of a patient's program.
  • When a patient has achieved a functional level that meets the central job demands, the referring physician is contacted for approval for release back to work. The return to work of the patient is then presented to the employer for final approval. At this point, the patient may be discharged from physical therapy if the patient is returning to work on a full-time, full-duty basis. However, if the job is being temporarily modified and/or if the patient's work hours are going to be modified to allow a gradual return to full-time, physical therapy may continue so as to address the issues of increased endurance or increased functional load while the patient moves towards full-duty, full-time work.